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CSA Barrie – round 2

June 30, 2007 by TheCanadianFoodie

We’re heading out to the Orillia Farmer’s Market first thing in the morning tomorrow and will stop at Heritage Hill Farm (our CSA Farm) on the way home.

I’m hoping the produce is a little better this week, but it has been SOO dry in the Barrie area for the last month that most of the local produce I’ve seen lately is pretty scrawny…


Still tastes better than store bought of course :)

We’ll take some pictures tomorrow and I let everyone know how it goes.

<Update: sun. July 1 – We forgot the camera :) and today’s Canada day, so I’ll follow up tomorrow!>

Update: July 4 —

This weeks pickup consisted of:

Garlic Scapes
1 bag assorted greens
1 bag mustard greens
1 bag bok choy
1 bag of very large peas (forgot to ask variety)
a few small green onions
Assorted herbs (basil, chives, thyme etc)

Still a little light, but the lack of rain is to blame there.

Hopefully we’ll see radishes, cucumber and tomatoes soon too!

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