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Cooking with spices

November 6, 2011 by TheCanadianFoodie

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Anise: Seed Whole and Ground

Color - brown with tan stripes
Flavor - delightful sweet licorice aroma and taste

Use - Coffee cake, sweet breads, rolls, cookies; fruit compote, stewed apples, preserved fruits, all fruit pie fillings; licorice candies, sweet pickles; beef and veal stew; cottage cheese.


Available as - Whole, Ground

Color - light brown
Flavor - distinctive, sweet, spicy

Color - light brown
Flavor - similar to above, sweeter and slightly stronger

Use - Buns, coffee cake, muffins, spice cake, molasses cookies, butter cookies, cinnamon toast; custards, tapioca, chocolate pudding, rice pudding; fruit pies, broiled grapefruit, apples in any form, stewed fruits, pickled fruits; heated spiced beverages, hot cocoa and chocolate drinks; sweet gherkins; sweet potatoes, pumpkin, squash.


Available as - Whole, Ground

Color - dark brown
Flavor - distinctive, spicy, sweet, penetrating

Color - rich brown
Flavor - sharp, spicy, pungent

Use - Ham, boiled tongue, pork roast; pickled fruits; preserved fruits; stewed fruits; apple, mince and pumpkin pies; beets, baked beans, candied sweet potatoes, squash; hot spiced wines, hot tea; spice cake; sweet gherkins; rice pudding, chocolate pudding, tapioca; bean soup, beef soup, cream of pea soup, cream of tomato soup.

Crushed Red Pepper: Spice

Color - bright red to orange
Flavor - hot

Use - Pizzas; sausages; Italian specialties; wherever heat and spot color are desired.


Ground Color - copper
Flavor - distinctive, exotic, sweet

Use - Doughnuts; eggnog, custards, puddings; whipped cream, ice cream; fried bananas, stewed fruits; spice cake, coffee cake, cookies, pumpkin pie; steamed and glazed carrots, cabbage, spinach, snap beans, squash, onions, sweet potatoes; meat loaf.


Ground Color - red
Flavor - distinctive, very mild

Use - Poultry, ham, goulash, fish, shellfish; salad dressings; vegetables; gravies; cheese, Welsh rabbit; canapés; deviled eggs; stuffed celery, cream soups, chicken soup, chowders.

Black Pepper

Whole Color - dark brown
Flavor - distinctive, pleasant spicy bouquet with palate-tingling flavor and enduring after-taste.

Ground Color - varies from cream to black
Flavor - same as above

Use - Almost all foods, except those with sweet flavors. If you are preparing a non-sweet dish that “needs something” try a little pepper first. It is used universally to add sparkle to foods, including: Pickles; soups; poultry, meats; fish; shellfish, game; sauces, gravies, marinades; salads; eggs; cheese spreads; vegetables; spiced vinegar.


Available as - Whole and Ground
Color - predominantly maroon
Flavor - distinctive, exotic, concentrated (not strong, yet a little goes a long way)

Use - Rice; rolls, breads, buns; fish stew; bouillabaisse chicken; chicken soup; cakes.


Available as - Whole and Ground
Color - orange (used mostly for its color)
Flavor - mild, slightly bitter

Use - Pickles, relishes, prepared mustards, salad dressings; creamed eggs, fish, seafood; to color rice dishes where saffron is not used.

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