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  1. Dark City Coffee

    June 22, 2007 by TheCanadianFoodie

    I was recently introduced to this micro-roastery a couple months ago and was an instant convert. There is simply no substitute for coffee slow roasted by a professional…

    I couldn’t say it much better than this snippet I came across:

    Dark City Coffee Company. Offering fair-trade coffees that are “roasted by the pound, not the acre,” the selection is as impressive as co-owner Raymond Eme’s love for the bean. From the light roast “cherry bomb” to the dark roasted “extra butter” blends, the boys of Dark City Coffee will roast your coffee to specification and ship it to your door within the GTA.

    You can even pick up a bag of dark chocolate covered espresso beans for about $20!

    If you are a coffee lover, give Dark City a call!