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Hi! The CandianFoodies are Michael and Tina Valiant, our 3.9 children, and our faithful, anxiety-ridden pooch Ally – who enjoys almost as much of every meal as the rest of us (thanks to those 3.9 children).

A little about us:

Tina is stay-at-home mom, ringleader, chaos organizer, lost-things-finder and the general manager, CEO and CFO of the Valiant household. She is ‘The Practical One’ and keeps Michael grounded and the household – and life in general – moving forward.

Michael is a recovering geek who works too many hours at a software company (*so says Tina anyway!), and loves to cook, take great photos (*so says Michael anyway!) and spend time out-of-doors and with his family (preferably together!) He is ‘The Dreamer’ who is only content with Change, and keeps life exciting for the rest of the family.

A little about US:

Together we are superheros trying to find our own path through this crazy life and this blog is here to help us chronical some of our kitchen adventures.

So what’s this blog all about anyway? well, food, and family mealtimes are a pretty important aspect of our life, for several reasons, and this blog is about our thoughts, and the decisions we make to provide our kids with the best, and healthiest food possible.

Some of the things we think about, and therefore some of the things we are likely to write about:

  • Eating spectacular food!
  • Eating healthy food
  • Minimizing processed, prepackaged foods, condiments, sauces, etc
  • Living Green
  • Cooking in a small kitchen (hey, we don’t LIKE thinking about this – but right now it’s a forced issue)
  • um… writers block – no, we don’t think about this, I have it… I’m out of ideas – I’ll come back later and finish (thanks for visiting!)
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