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January, 2012

  1. 2012 in a Canadian Foodies Kitchen

    January 19, 2012 by TheCanadianFoodie

    I don’t really gauge the passage of time by the year anymore. Once you have kids, and maybe it’s only while you have young children, you start measuring time by the age – usually of either the oldest or the youngest.

    In 2012 my eldest will be turning 7. He was born shortly before the original incarnation of this blog was – back when Mrs. Foodie and I thought it would be fun to blog about all the great food we found in our favourite restaurants and our efforts to recreate those dishes at home.

    Time flies and boy do things change! With 4 kids under our roof, we don’t make it out to many restaurants now-a-days, and with 6 people stuffed into a little urban kitchen – there isn’t a lot of room for wowing the diners (besides, we don’t have many diner parties anymore either!)

    Not that I’m complaining about any of it (okay, maybe I complain about the tiny kitchen a bit… er, a lot) but life seems to increase in pace each year, and with each kid, and we never seem to have time to do the things we had planned on doing.

    …hence the decidedly sparse number of posts over the past couple of years.

    But, 2012 is going to be a year of change – big change. Trust me, I know about these things.

    For us, we’re about to put an offer on a big (really big) century home in a quiet little town, across the road from a nice little river. And this big home comes with a big kitchen (really big!) Once all the initial excitement died down around here, Mrs. Foodie and I began to talk about all the great things we could do with that kitchen (procrastinating from the packing and cleaning that needs to be done around our current house of course) – and one of the things that we both kept coming back to, was the relaunch of our sadly neglected, but not quite forgotten food blog!!

    So this is a new beginning. Our focus will change around here a little. We are trying to feed a family of 6 every night, while still keeping food fun, adventurous and healthy. We do things a little different, and I’ll be posting again shortly to talk more about that – and updating our About page.

    We’re about to launch on an exciting new chapter in our lives and we are looking forward to sharing some of those stories with you – and we hope you’ll share some of your food adventures back with us here!

    Also, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has visited over the past year – visiting an almost dry well. Our traffic is surprisingly good despite our neglect, and we’re looking forward to providing better content again soon!

    The Canadian Foodie