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November, 2011

  1. Cooking with herbs

    November 6, 2011 by TheCanadianFoodie

    Herb & Spice Guide:



    Available as - dried crushed leaves and stems.
    Color - light green
    Flavor - pleasant, mild, sweet, distinctive

    Use - All tomato dishes, peas, squash, string beans, potatoes, spinach; French and Russian dressing or sprinkle over salads; bean soup, pea soup, beef soup, Manhattan clam chowder; broiled lamb chops, venison, beef, lamb and veal stews, veal roasts; shrimp, shrimp Creole, boiled and steamed lobster; spaghetti sauce; scrambled eggs; soufflés.

    Bay Leaves

    Available as - dried whole leaves.
    Color - light green
    Flavor - very mild, sweet, distinctive

    Use - Pickled beets, beets, boiled carrots, boiled artichokes, boiled potatoes vegetable soup, fish chowders; lamb, beef, veal, venison, poultry, fish -stews; boiled or steamed shrimp and lobster; chicken casserole, boiled chicken; pickled meats; brine for smoked meats; pot roast; boiled pork; meat gravies; marinades.


    Whole Color - green
    Flavor - distinctive, sweet aroma
    Flaked Color - green
    Flavor - same as above

    Use - Jelly, ice cream, custard, fruit salad, fruit compote; frostings; split pea soup; lamb and veal roast sauces; cottage cheese salad; white potatoes, cabbage, carrots, celery, snap beans; tea; mint sauce.


    Whole Color - green
    Flavor - distinctive, strong
    Ground Color - olive green
    Flavor - same as above

    Use - Pizza pie, spaghetti sauce, meat sauce; Swiss steak, beef stew, broiled and roast lamb, pork and veal, poultry; gravies; stuffed fish; cheese spreads; beef soup, bean soup, tomato soup; butter sauce for shell fish; cream and tomato sauces; vegetable juice cocktail; onions, peas, white potatoes, spinach, string beans.

    Parsley Flakes

    Color - green
    Flavor - distinctive, mild

    Use - Soups; salads; coleslaw; meat, stews, fish, poultry; sauces; all vegetables; omelets; potatoes.


    Whole Color - green (looks like a pine needle)
    Flavor - distinctive, delicate, sweetish

    Use - Roast and broiled lamb, beef, pork, veal, game,poultry; salmon; deviled eggs; cheese sauces; sautéed mushrooms; boiled potatoes, green peas, squash; creamed seafood; chicken soup, split pea soup.


    Whole Color - olive green
    Flavor - distinctive, positive

    Use - All pork dishes; meat, fish and poultry stuffing;brown sauces; cheese spreads; consommé, cream soups,fish chowders; salad greens, French dressing; Brussels sprouts, onions, lima beans, peas, tomatoes.


    Available as - Whole and Ground
    Color - green
    Flavor - distinctive, fresh, pleasant

    Use - Marinades for meat, butter sauce for steaks; poultry; salads; omelets; fish and shellfish; vegetable juice cocktail; chicken soup, consommé, fish chowder, tomato soup; vinegar; broccoli, asparagus, beans, cabbage, cauliflower.


    Whole Color - gray-green
    Flavor - distinctive, pleasantly penetrating
    Ground Color - light olive green
    Flavor - slightly stronger than Tarragon

    Use - Fresh tomatoes, tomato spice, salads; poultry stuffing, croquettes, fricassees; fish chowders, gumbo, vegetable soup; shirred eggs; all meats; seafood sauces; artichokes, beans, beets, carrots, mushrooms, onions, potatoes.

  2. Cooking with spices

    November 6, 2011 by TheCanadianFoodie

    Would you like information on:


    Anise: Seed Whole and Ground

    Color - brown with tan stripes
    Flavor - delightful sweet licorice aroma and taste

    Use - Coffee cake, sweet breads, rolls, cookies; fruit compote, stewed apples, preserved fruits, all fruit pie fillings; licorice candies, sweet pickles; beef and veal stew; cottage cheese.


    Available as - Whole, Ground

    Color - light brown
    Flavor - distinctive, sweet, spicy

    Color - light brown
    Flavor - similar to above, sweeter and slightly stronger

    Use - Buns, coffee cake, muffins, spice cake, molasses cookies, butter cookies, cinnamon toast; custards, tapioca, chocolate pudding, rice pudding; fruit pies, broiled grapefruit, apples in any form, stewed fruits, pickled fruits; heated spiced beverages, hot cocoa and chocolate drinks; sweet gherkins; sweet potatoes, pumpkin, squash.


    Available as - Whole, Ground

    Color - dark brown
    Flavor - distinctive, spicy, sweet, penetrating

    Color - rich brown
    Flavor - sharp, spicy, pungent

    Use - Ham, boiled tongue, pork roast; pickled fruits; preserved fruits; stewed fruits; apple, mince and pumpkin pies; beets, baked beans, candied sweet potatoes, squash; hot spiced wines, hot tea; spice cake; sweet gherkins; rice pudding, chocolate pudding, tapioca; bean soup, beef soup, cream of pea soup, cream of tomato soup.

    Crushed Red Pepper: Spice

    Color - bright red to orange
    Flavor - hot

    Use - Pizzas; sausages; Italian specialties; wherever heat and spot color are desired.


    Ground Color - copper
    Flavor - distinctive, exotic, sweet

    Use - Doughnuts; eggnog, custards, puddings; whipped cream, ice cream; fried bananas, stewed fruits; spice cake, coffee cake, cookies, pumpkin pie; steamed and glazed carrots, cabbage, spinach, snap beans, squash, onions, sweet potatoes; meat loaf.


    Ground Color - red
    Flavor - distinctive, very mild

    Use - Poultry, ham, goulash, fish, shellfish; salad dressings; vegetables; gravies; cheese, Welsh rabbit; canapés; deviled eggs; stuffed celery, cream soups, chicken soup, chowders.

    Black Pepper

    Whole Color - dark brown
    Flavor - distinctive, pleasant spicy bouquet with palate-tingling flavor and enduring after-taste.

    Ground Color - varies from cream to black
    Flavor - same as above

    Use - Almost all foods, except those with sweet flavors. If you are preparing a non-sweet dish that “needs something” try a little pepper first. It is used universally to add sparkle to foods, including: Pickles; soups; poultry, meats; fish; shellfish, game; sauces, gravies, marinades; salads; eggs; cheese spreads; vegetables; spiced vinegar.


    Available as - Whole and Ground
    Color - predominantly maroon
    Flavor - distinctive, exotic, concentrated (not strong, yet a little goes a long way)

    Use - Rice; rolls, breads, buns; fish stew; bouillabaisse chicken; chicken soup; cakes.


    Available as - Whole and Ground
    Color - orange (used mostly for its color)
    Flavor - mild, slightly bitter

    Use - Pickles, relishes, prepared mustards, salad dressings; creamed eggs, fish, seafood; to color rice dishes where saffron is not used.

  3. Ontario Farmers Markets

    November 6, 2011 by TheCanadianFoodie

    If I’ve missed any, please let me know.

    Also, eventually I will be trying to create a page for every single Farmers’ Market, complete with pictures and helpful information. If you would like to help with this process and have any information about or photos from your local Farmers’ Market, please send them along to:

    Farmers’ Markets by Market City
    Algoma Farmers’ Market Sault Ste. Marie
    Almonte Farmers’ Market Almonte
    Argyle Farmers’ Market Port Loring
    Barrie Farmers’ Market Barrie
    Barry’s Bay Farmers’ Market Barry’s Bay
    Beaverton Farmers’ Market Beaverton
    Belleville Farmers’ Market Belleville
    Birch Cliff Village Farmers’ Market Scarborough
    Bracebridge Farmers’ Market Bracebridge
    Brampton Farmers’ Market Brampton
    Brantford Farmers’ Market Brantford
    Brick Works Farmers’ Market Toronto
    Brighton Farmers’ Market Brighton
    Brockville Farmers’ Market Brockville
    Burlington Mall Farmers’ Market Burlington, ON
    Cambridge Farmers’ Market Cambridge
    Campbellford Farmers’ Market Campbellford
    Carleton Place Farmers’ Market Carleton Place
    Carman House Farmers’ Market Iroquois
    Carp Farmers’ Market Carp
    Centre Mall Farmers’ Market Hamilton
    Chesterville Farmers’ Market Chesterville
    Clarington Farmers’ Market Newcastle
    Clover Valley Farmers’ Market Fort Frances
    Cloverbelt Country Farmers’ Market Dryden
    Cobden Farmers’ Market Cobden
    Cobourg Farmers’ Market Cobourg
    Cochrane Farmers’ Market Cochrane
    Collingwood Farmers’ Market Collingwood
    Combermere Farmers’ Market Combermere
    Creemore Farmers’ Market Creemore
    Crows Creek Market Wiarton
    Cumberland Farmers’ Market Ottawa
    Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market Toronto
    Dunnville Farmers’ Market Dunnville
    Durham Region Farmers’ Market Whitby & Brooklin
    East York Farmers’ Market Toronto
    Erin Mills Farmers’ Market Mississauga
    Etobicoke Farmers’ Market Toronto
    Farmers’ Market @ The Village Niagara-on-the-Lake
    Farmers’ Markets Ontario
    Flesherton & District Farmers’ Market Flesherton
    Frontenac Farmers’ Market Verona
    Gananoque Farmers’ Market Gananoque
    Georgetown Farmers’ Market Georgetown
    Goderich Farmers’ Market Goderich
    Gore Bay Farmers’ Market Gore Bay (Manitoulin Island)
    Grand Bend Farmers’ Market Grand Bend
    Gravenhurst Farmers’ Market Gravenhurst
    Guelph Farmers’ Market Guelph
    Hagersville Farmers’ Market Hagersville
    Hamilton Farmers’ Market Hamilton
    Horton Farmers’ Market St. Thomas
    Huntsville Farmers’ Market Huntsville
    Johnson Township Farmers’ Market Desbarats
    Kapuskasing Farmers’ Market Kapuskasing
    Kingston Public Market Kingston
    Kinmount Farmers’ Market Kinmount
    Kitchener Farmers’ Market Kitchener
    Liberty Village (MyMarket) Toronto
    Lindsay Farmers’ Market Lindsay
    Little Current Farmers’ Market Little Current (Manitoulin Island)
    London Covent Garden Market London
    Magnetawan Farmers’ Market Magnetawan
    Markham Farmers’ Market Markham
    Meaford Farmers’ Market Meaford
    Metcalfe Farmers’ Market Metcalfe
    Milton Farmers’ Market Milton
    Mindemoya Farmers’ Market Mindemoya (Manitoulin Island)
    Mitchell & Area Farmers’ Market Mitchell
    Napanee Farmers’ Market Napanee
    Nathan Phillips Square Market Toronto
    NEMI Farmers’ Market Little Current
    Newmarket Farmers’ Market Newmarket
    North Bay Farmers’ Market North Bay
    North Gower Farmers’ Market North Gower
    North York Farmers’ Market Toronto
    Northwest Farmers’ Market Sioux Lookout
    Oakville Civitan Farmers’ Market Oakville
    Orangeville Farmers’ Market Orangeville
    Orillia Farmers’ Market Orillia
    Oshawa Centre Farmers’ Market Oshawa
    Oshawa Farmers’ Market Oshawa
    Ottawa ByWard Market Ottawa
    Ottawa Farmers’ Market Ottawa
    Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market Ottawa
    Ottawa Parkdale Market Ottawa
    Owen Sound & District Farmers’ Market Owen Sound
    Pelham Farmers’ Market Pelham
    Pembroke Farmers’ Market Pembroke
    Perth Farmers’ Market Perth
    Peterborough & District Farmers’ Market Peterborough
    Port Colborne Farmers’ Market Port Colborne
    Port Hope Farmers’ Market Port Hope
    Powassan Farmers’ Market Powassan
    Prescott Farmers’ Market Prescott
    Quinte West Farmers’ Market Trenton
    Renfrew Farmers’ Market Renfrew
    Riverdale Farmers’ Market Toronto
    Riverside Farmers’ Market New Liskeard
    Sarnia Farmers’ Market Sarnia
    Seaway Valley Growers Farmers’ Market Cornwall
    Sherway Gardens Farmers’ Market Toronto
    Simcoe (Downtown) Farmers’ Market Simcoe
    Simcoe County Eco Farmers’ Market Barrie
    Simcoe Farmers’ Market Simcoe
    Smithville Farmers’ Market Smithville
    Spanish Market Spanish
    Square One Farmers’ Market Mississauga
    St. Catharines Farmers’ Market St. Catharines
    St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market St. Jacobs
    St. Lawrence Farmers’ Market Toronto
    St. Marys Farmers’ Market St. Marys
    Stirling Rawdon Farmers’ Market Stirling
    Stonegate Farmers’ Market Toronto
    Stratford Farmers’ Market Stratford
    Strathroy Farmers’ Market Strathroy
    Streetsville Farmers’ Market Mississauga
    Sudbury Market Square Sudbury
    The Village Market Thornhill
    The Wednesday Farmers’ Market Peterborough
    Thunder Bay Country Market Thunder Bay
    Thunder Bay Farmers’ Market Thunder Bay
    Tillsonburg Farmers’ Market Tillsonburg
    Timmins Country Market Timmins
    Trinity Bellwoods Farmers’ Market Toronto
    Uxbridge Farmers’ Market Uxbridge
    Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market Vankleek Hill
    Waterloo Farmers’ Market
    Welland Farmers’ Market Welland
    West Nipissing Farmers’ Market Sturgeon Falls
    Weston Farmers’ Market Weston
    Withrow Park Farmers’ Market Toronto
    Woodbine Centre (MyMarket) Toronto
    Woodstock Farmers’ Market Woodstock

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